Why A China Crash May Be Imminent

by James Gruber on February 22, 2013

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Amanda Dinh Rysser March 8, 2013 at 7:37 pm

As long as the government keeps what they promises the people, to give them a better life in economical term and social security, and make the people to believe in it, as long the Chinese will support the government. And there are still more poor people in China then wealthy people, and they are looking for a better tomorrow, therefore the government still gets support from this group of population.

Pauline February 26, 2013 at 3:33 am

Agree with the conclusion and add one point: selling now before the incoming earning season, which likely won’t be a very rosy one. Most of long term positive news has been incorporated into stock prices during the rally last couple of months, while it takes long time for fundamentals to improve, if there is any yet.

Frank February 24, 2013 at 1:50 pm

The arguments sound convincing but then again, people have been predicting doom & gloom about China for 2 decades… But it never happened.

So i understand right your article , now it’s for real?

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